Distance Learning

As our name suggests, Gloucestershire Primary Tutors cover the whole of Gloucestershire offering friendly and professional tutoring to children of primary school age.

Distance Learning Tutoring

Whilst there may be occasions when we can travel a little further afield, we are also able to offer distance learning tutoring to those children that we are unable to reach due to distance or time constraints. These sessions generally take place on either the Zoom or Skype platforms. This allow the tutor to see your child and interact with them on a 1-2-1 basis without physically being in their home.
Distance Learning In Gloucestershire
Adam Rush - Gloucestershire Primary Tutors

How Distance Learning Works

Distance learning sessions run in a very similar manner to our 1-2-1 in-person tutoring sessions, in that we can offer a personalised learning experience. Distance learning tutoring will target specific areas that both you and your child will want to work upon.

Each session will last for one hour and we will email over to you all of the teaching material that is required in advance of the session. You can then print the teaching material at home or in some cases just have it displayed on a computer screen. We will work through the material with your child at their own pace and be able to provide continuous, constructive and encouraging feedback to help aid their progress.

Distance Learning Requirements

Our distance learning tutoring sessions can cover most areas of the primary curriculum. Distance learning is especially beneficial for those children who are preparing for their end of Key Stage 2 SATs or for the 11+ GL examination, both in Year 6.

We do ask that your child has access to a computer for the full session and that they have a high-quality internet connection. For distance learning tutoring to be successful, it is important that they can work somewhere that is quiet, in order that they remain undisturbed for the full session. This will help to maintain their concentration.

Online Distance Learning For Primary School Children In Gloucestershire

Distance Learning Pricing

Please do not hesitate to call us for further information regarding these distant learning sessions.
To book a distance learning tuition session for your child, please get in contact with us to make an appointment.