11+ Exam Preparation

Within Gloucestershire, all seven of the Grammar Schools use the same 11+ examination paper (GL) for their 11+ exams. The 11+ exam is generally regarded as one of the most challenging for this age group, and is split into four key components:

The Four Key Components of the 11+ Exam

  • Verbal Reasoning (English) – your child will be required to demonstrate a wide understanding of complex vocabulary and be able to use this correctly.
  • Comprehension (English) – your child will read an extended text and answer questions which will require not only some reasonably low level knowledge retrieval, but will also test the child on inference and require them to demonstrate an attention to detail.
  • Problem Solving (Maths) – along with some more simple maths calculations your child will have to solve a wide range of problems, often involving concepts not generally taught within the National Curriculum until later in Year 6, such as ratio and proportion.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning (Maths) – this section of the exam will test your child on their diagrammatic visual reasoning, predominantly with both 2D and 3D shapes but will also include such concepts as code breaking.
Gloucestershire Primary Tutors - 11 Plus Tuition Session
11+ Exam Preparation With Gloucestershire Primary Tutors

Preparing Your Child For The 11+ Exam

The 11+ tutoring service offered by Gloucestershire Primary Tutors is designed to prepare your child for the 11+ exam by giving them the skills, knowledge and understanding to tackle the challenging 11+ examination.

Throughout the 11+ preparation tuition, we will help to improve your child's confidence by avoiding a pressurised environment, so that they can learn all they need to, to pass the 11+ exam with flying colours and get into their chosen school in Gloucestershire.

11+ Techniques & Mock 11+ Exams

During the initial stages of the 11+ preparation, we will undertake a low-key assessment of your child in order to help you make an informed decision regarding the Gloucestershire Grammar School process.

We are able to draw upon a vast range of resources to put together a personalised and rigorous 11+ study programme, which will continually challenge and engage your child.

Your child will practise with regular mock 11+ exams to assess their progress and thoroughly address any areas of weakness.

We will also address fundamental examination techniques, such as time management which is especially important given the strict time restraints found within the 11+ examination.

11+ Exam Techniques Tuition In Gloucestershire

11+ Exam Preparation Tuition Pricing

We will be available to offer you, the parents, plain and simple support, advice and guidance during the entire process in order that, working as a team, we can provide your child with the best possible opportunities to build a bright future for themselves.

To book 11+ exam preparation tuition for your child, please get in contact with us to make an appointment.
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Where Is Our 11+ Exam Preparation Available?

Your Home

Gloucestershire Primary tutors offers one-to-one 11+ exam preparation tuition in the comfort of your own home. We travel to you so that your child learns in the safety and familiar surroundings of their home. This aims to remove additional stress and allowing them to have the best learning experience possible.

Online Tuition

For all sorts of reasons, especially in these times of Covid-19, home visits may not be suitable or even possible. Gloucestershire Primary Tutors therefore also offers online 11+ exam preparation tuition through Skype or Zoom. Your child will receive the same high standards of tuition as they would receive in a face-to-face session.
Our 11+ exam preparation is available throughout Gloucestershire, both in your home or online. Areas we cover include Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stow-on-the-Wold, Moreton-in-Marsh, Stroud, Cinderford, Coleford, Lydney, Tetbury, Dursley, Berkeley, Wotton-Under-Edge and the Cotswolds.