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Private Tuition From Gloucestershire Primary Tutors Now In Malvern!

Whilst Malvern is just over the border into the county of Worcestershire, I am very pleased to be able to offer my private tutoring services to children of a primary-school age within the town of Malvern. This can be done either in-person, when I will come and visit you and conduct the session in your home, or remotely online (on either the Zoom or Skype platforms).

I have a long association with Malvern, having lived and worked there for most of the 1990s. This was in my previous career as an estate agent – unfortunately, both the estate agents that I worked for are no longer in business! I got to know all the differing parts of the town during my time there, and although it has changed over the past twenty plus years, it remains a beautiful and vibrant town that I am very much looking forward to getting back over to as often as possible! I do enjoy spending time both in the town and walking on the hills with my own wife and daughter.

11+ CEM Examination Preparation Malvern

There are no Grammar Schools in Malvern (or indeed the whole of Worcestershire), but there are seven grammar schools in the neighbouring county of Gloucestershire. All of the schools use the same examination paper, produced by CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, a research group based in the School for Education at the University of Durham). The 11+ exam is generally regarded to be the most demanding test for children of primary-school age, and 11+ preparation is essential to stand the best possible chance of being offered a place at one of these prestigious schools. I would be very happy to tutor your child for their 11+ preparation in your home in Malvern or online so that they are fully aware of what is required of them with regards to the different components of the 11+ exam, along with time management and general exam techniques.
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SATs Preparation Malvern

There were no SATs exams at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in Malvern primary schools in both 2020 and 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is expected the SATs exams for children at the end of Year 2 and Year 6 will be reintroduced into Malvern primary schools in 2022. These exams will test the child’s knowledge in key components of both the Maths and English curriculum, and for many children it will be the first time that they have been formally tested. This can, understandably, be a rather daunting experience. Gloucestershire Primary Tutors will help your child with their SATs exam preparation and instill in them the skills they need to pass their SATs exams.

Curriculum Confidence Malvern

The Malvern Primary School Curriculum is rich, varied and encompasses more than just exam preparation, important as this may be. It does, however, move at quite a considerable pace, and there will be times that your child, no matter how bright and able they may be, will not have fully grasped a topic. As a result they may have some gaps in their learning. This is where private tuition to give curriculum confidence can be so invaluable, in that it allows the child to step outside of the classroom with their learning, address areas that are of specific weakness or misconception to them and gain some much-needed perspective and confidence in tackling the curriculum.

In consultation with you and your child, we can devise a personalised and targeted programme of work which will help your child to move forward with their learning and make huge strides across all areas of the curriculum. Our curriculum confidence tuition can take place either in Malvern or remotely. This is not just limited to Maths and English, although these are commonly the areas with which children need the most help.

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Covid Catch-Up Tuition Malvern

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact upon children’s learning since March 2020 and continues to do so to this day. All children missed a huge amount of schooling, and although all Malvern primary schools worked hard during this time, they undoubtable found themselves in difficult, unchartered waters.

This meant that for some Malvern children, learning became more difficult.

If you feel your child has somehow dropped behind in some of their key skills, most importantly English and Maths, and you would like to give them the chance to catch up, I am now offering one-to-one tuition in Malvern, to help them return to school with added confidence.

Malvern Private Tuition Pricing

The above details about our private tutoring in Malvern are designed to give you just a small flavour of all that we can offer your child to help them with building confidence into studying their curriculum and preparing them for their 11+ or SATs exams. As always, we will be very happy to offer a free initial consultation to discuss the specific needs of your child and how you think that we can best help tutor them.
To book private tuition in Malvern, please get in contact with us to make an appointment, or to discuss your child's needs further.

How Can You Get Private Tutoring In Malvern?

Your Home In Malvern

Gloucestershire Primary tutors offers one-to-one private tuition for primary school aged children in the comfort of your own home. We travel to you so that your child learns in the safety and familiar surroundings of their home. This aims to remove additional stress and allowing them to have the best learning experience possible.

Online Private Tuition

For all sorts of reasons, especially in these times of Covid-19, home visits may not be suitable or even possible. Gloucestershire Primary Tutors therefore also offers private tuition through Skype or Zoom. Your child will receive the same high standards of tuition as they would receive in a face-to-face session.

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11+ Preparation

SATs Preparation

Curriculum Confidence

Home Schooling

Distance Learning