SATs Exam Preparation

The SATs testing at the end of Year 6 is the culmination of the Primary School Curriculum and for many children will be the first time that they have had to experience a formal examination. Many children can understandably find  the SATs exam rather daunting. Gloucestershire Primary Tutors will help your child with their SATs exam preparation and instill in them the skills they need to pass their SATs exams.

The Four Components Of The SATs Exam

In their SATs exam, the children will be tested on the following key elements of the SATs test:

  • Mathematical Arithmetic
  • Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • English Reading Comprehension
  • English Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (commonly referred to as SPAG).
A Child Preparing For His SATs Exam With Gloucestershire Primary Tutors
SATs Exam Preparation With Gloucestershire SATs Private Tutor

Preparing Your Child For Their SATs Exam

At Gloucestershire Primary Tutors, we will work very hard with your child to both improve their general academic performance and to also provide them with the skills that are needed to perform to the very best of their ability in their SATs examination. Each tuition session will be personalised to the specific needs of your child and we will be able to address any misconceptions or concerns that they may have about the entire SATs exam process. We provide SATs exam preparation tuition throughout Gloucestershire both in your home or online tuition through Skype or Zoom.

Additional Preparation For The SATs Exam

Writing is no longer tested via formal examination in the SATs exam, but rather by on-going teacher assessment. However, Gloucestershire Primary Tutors are also able to incorporate specific writing skills into our SATs exam preparation tuition sessions in order to help your child to improve the overall quality of their written work. These extra skills, which we can offer in our SATs preparation tuition, can help students stand out amongst their peers by achieving higher grades through fuller learning.
Preparation For the SATs Exam With Gloucestershire Primary Tutors

SATs Exam Preparation Tuition Pricing

Please note that Gloucestershire Primary Tutors will provide all the resources for these SATs exam preparation sessions and can also offer further advice and guidance regarding elements, such as suitable reading books that your child will enjoy.

To book SATs exam preparation tuition for your child, please get in contact with us to make an appointment.

Gloucestershire Tutoring

Where Is Our SATs Exam Preparation Available?

Your Home

Gloucestershire Primary tutors offers one-to-one SATs exam preparation tuition in the comfort of your own home. We travel to you so that your child learns in the safety and familiar surroundings of their home. This aims to remove additional stress and allowing them to have the best learning experience possible.

Online Tuition

For all sorts of reasons, especially in these times of Covid-19, home visits may not be suitable or even possible. Gloucestershire Primary Tutors therefore also offers online SATs exam preparation tuition through Skype or Zoom. Your child will receive the same high standards of tuition as they would receive in a face-to-face session.

Our SATs exam preparation is available throughout Gloucestershire, both in your home or online. Areas we cover include Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stow-on-the-Wold, Moreton-in-Marsh, Stroud, Cinderford, Coleford, Lydney, Tetbury, Dursley, Berkeley, Wotton-Under-Edge and the Cotswolds.